Invaders Video Game

INVADERS VIDEO GAME BY RICHARD H., 7th grade, Cottage Grove Middle School.

“Hello. I am Richard H. I am a student from Lincoln Middle School of Cottage Grove. I am in Miss Wilson’s first period 7th grade science class. We were supposed to make a project to show the threat of invasive species to the environment. My project is a video game where a random, nameless, person, runs around the country side spraying poison on all of the black berry bushes. You get to control the person by making him spray the black berry bushes without spraying native plants or touching the black berry bushes. You have to hurry though, before the black berries kill off all of the good plants. The last and second to last levels are supposed to be kind of funny. I want you to put my game on your site so other people can play this game and learn the simple but true affects of killing invasive plants with poison and what happens any way if you don’t. When you play my game to see what you think of it, you can use some simple “cheat codes” to see all of the levels easier. Firstly, you can go to any level by using the 1-6 buttons. Secondly, on the boss level, you
can press the space bar to fire a super poison blast to instantly kill the boss. I do not want these cheat codes to put on the website.”

Please email Tania Siemens at tania.siemens (at) for this video game file.


Board Games – England 4th Grade

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Invasive Invaders