Astoria High School Wetland Project- Lee Cain

Wetlands2013Lee Cain, a teacher of Aquatic Biology/Integrated Science at Astoria High School (AHS) is currently preparing for the 17th Annual Astoria Airport Mitigation Bank (AMB) Wetland Study. With the help of dedicated volunteers, the AHS Science program aims to mentor a team of 9th grade “citizen scientists” in data collection along established protocols. The location is a ~36 acre fenced wetland at the mouth of the Lewis & Clark River, on the west side of the bridge.
The Astoria Airport Mitigation Bank Wetland (AMB) was created in 1989 to “mitigate for wetland-altering construction projects on Port of Astoria property”. As development continues in the area, Cain and others hope to protect this wetland for residents-human and wildlife- to enjoy. Students have been following the changes taking place in this wetland for the past 17 years. In May of 2012, Cain led a group of students in the AHS Integrated and Honors Science classes to the AMB to take part in multiple projects. Research teams for this year tentatively include Amphibian Survey, Bird Survey, Fish Survey, Nest Box Survey, Marsh Wren Survey, Plant Transects, Water Quality Survey, Bumblebee Survey, and Mollusk Survey.
The progress of this project can be followed at the AHS Airport Wetland Monitoring Project website.

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