New Zealand MudSnail posters – Becky Siebold (4th grade)

“I teach 4th grade so I wanted to narrow our focus to just one species to start with. I chose the New Zealand Mudsnail.”

Students in small groups read through an article and took notes on 4 different questions about the New Zealand Mud Snail: “what are they? how did they get here?, why should we care?, and what should we do?”. They then typed up their notes and gathered pictures to make a poster.

The posters were hung in the school hallways for other students and teachers to read and learn from. The students mostly focused on educating the public about these invasive animals. This topic connected back to the animal unit they did in the fall, but also provided a “new” idea to most of the fourth grade students. This project was also something for the students to do that would help them further develop their cooperation, research, and typing skills.




New Zealand Mudsnail posters


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