Franklin 4th Grade class at Invasive Species Day at the Capitol, 5-20-11

Jennifer England’s 4th grade class (at Franklin School, Corvallis School District) presented at the Oregon State Capitol for Invasive Species Day on May 20, 2011 with displays and bookmarks were handed out through the Capitol. “You are to be commended for you willingness to share your message with members of the legislature and the public that visited the capitol…” (Peter Courtney, President of the Senate). “You are learning important messages that will help save out environment from species not native to our great state”.

Science Learning – Students continued to learn and spread the message about “Do not release”. Bookmarks and display boards created by the students with information on animals and plants such as the nutria, red eared slider turtle, and bull frog.

Outcome – Model outreach and educational materials produced by students for a “do not release” message, growing public awareness in state legislature members.

Further Application – Outreach materials may be used in further educational displays and presentations.

Invasive Species Day at Capitol letters



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