Adult ESL and GED students

Comment cards on Dr. Sam Chan’s lecture on water and invasive species.

-Thank you for everything. I learned more about the natural world and we learned how we have power for change. Not to throw garbage in the river or anywhere. That way we can avoid the destruction the environment, not kill the salmon and preserve them for a long time. I liked how you explained that all takes awareness.

-Thank you for coming to RCC. I leaned so much about the ocean and I liked everything you had to say to us. I especially liked the part when you spoke to us about the way the salmon usually swim up stream against the current. Thanks again and we hope to see you again on another occasion.

-Thanks you for coming to our class, I learned a lot from you. Now I known the ocean is so important for us. I learned the toilet uses 1.5-5 gallons of water for each flush. We can’t waste water and other things.

-Thank you for coming to our class. Because of you, I learned it is very important to protect the environment. Your whole presentation was interesting, but the Quagga mussel really scared me. (haha joke!)

-Thanks, for all the information that you have to us. I learned many things and one thing was that we have to care for the oceans. If we don’t care about the oceans, we will have big trouble. Now when I drink my cup of coffee, I’m gong to remember all the water that is necessary to use for one cup of coffee. Thanks again for your time and for sharing with us everything that you know.

-Thank you for learned about the environment and the salmon. Thank you for your information.

-Thank you for coming to speak to our class. Your lecture was inspired and very informational. I really learned a lot. How wonderful it must be to attend your classes at OSU. P.S. The bullfrog video was very good!

-Thank you for coming to our class. We enjoyed you very much. Thank you for the information on salmon. I enjoy fishing for salmon.

-Thank you for coming to our class and sharing your good news. We learned about the ocean because the ocean is very important for everything. I really was interested in the mussel covered shoe from 3 days in the water.

-Thank you for dedicated part of your time to teaching me that it is important to keep my habitat clean and to have in mind it is important to pay attention to water use everyday. Everything you taught me was interesting, a simple apple needed so much water. I never thought about it that way.

-Thanks for everything about water pollution. I was interested in everything you said. I was very interested in how much water we use. I learned how to purify water. I learned how to conserve water. Thanks for the information on the killer bees.

-I would like to thank you very much for sharing the knowledge you have about the ocean. I had no idea the plankton produces more oxygen than trees. I hope you can come back to RCC to teach us more. P.S. Also thanks you for the chocolate. We liked it.

-Thank you for coming to our class to teach us about the health of the aquatic ecosystem. I enjoyed learning about the ocean and aquatic ecosystem. I also liked learning about which plants are good to plant and which are bad to plant. Thank you for the booklet on plants. I learned the beef uses 15,500 gallons of water and thank ocean for the job, air, water and food.

-Thank you for coming. I really liked your talk about environmental protection. How we make and pay attention to pollution, anything else important for people, health and country.

-I was excited about information about the ocean. You are friendly with all the students and honest when you talk.

-Thank you very much for your information about science and the video. Thank you for coming last Thursday morning.

-Thank you for the nice story about your enthusiasm for science. Thank you for the important information on contamination of the water and then the aftermath of the environment. The important contamination was very interesting.

– Thank you for coming to explain what you know and to teach us. I learned the toilet uses 1.5-5 gallons of water for each flush. Thank you for the chocolate.

-Where were you when I needed inspiration last year? Your energy and considerate manner touched all of us and inspired us. The students’ responses were enthusiastic and interested in so many things you brought up. I am always amazed by the specific bits of information that can spark interest in a student. You were a great model teach for me. I was surprised by how much you covered in that short time. I’ve changed my plans for this term and have a tour of the filtration plant scheduled for the end of the month. You brought out so many good ideas, questions and thoughts from the students. Thank you so much for your presentation. P.S. We loved the chocolates!

– Dr. Sam Chan was an amazing spokesperson. In his speech you knew he really cared about his work with invasive species. He had great ways to keep you interested in the subject. He also had this energy that just seemed to fill the room and tell you “this is important” and “this is what I love”. His work with invasive species was intriguing and amazing at the same time. His work with salmon probably saved thousands of lives in the process.
I also asked Dr. Chan about a bill that is now in congress, that bill is H.R.660; it is a bill that will outlaw any sales or breeding of any non-native small animals, birds, and reptiles. The pet industry is an over $50,0000 industry and if this law passes there will be certain job loss, and it will severely damage the economy.
I talked to Dr. Chan about that bill, and the fact that if this bill passes it will just make the invasive species problem worse. Those breeders that have been put out of business will just release their animals into the wild where they can breed and cause lots of damage to our native plants, and animals, so really it is easier to just let the people sell these animals. Not to mention, there would likely be an increase of sales in black market animals. Dr. Chan agrees with me, and probably all of the other people that care about animals.
I hope that we can get a grip on this invasive species problem, so our native plants and animals can be on the mend. I think the work of people like Dr. Sam Chan we are on the way to just doing that.


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