Knotweed Germination Lesson

Knotweed Germination – Harvey- 9th/10th Grade
WISE teacher, Julia Harvey, makes important discovery with her students: Knotweed in the Willamette valley produces viable seed! After learning about Japanese knotweed at a WISE workshop, high school biology teacher Julia Harvey guided her students through an inquiry exercise to test whether knotweed populations in the upper Willamette Valley produced viable seed. Knotweed mainly reproduces through its roots or by vegetation fragments, but little is known about seed viability in the Willamette Valley. Students learned about experimental design for the state science work sample. They looked at whether knotweed seeds preferred moist or dry, hot or cool, light or no light conditions. Their experiments revealed that knotweed seeds are viable in nearly all the germination conditions they tested.

Knotweed Powerpoint – Harvey – 9th/10th Grade
A PowerPoint with many pictures of Knotweed, specifically in the Springfield, OR region.


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